A Cigar Spy Guide to cigars in Portland

Portland, known by another name “Cigar City”, is well known for the availability of a wide selection of cigars manufactured locally and abroad.

In a statewide initiative to maintain a clean and unpolluted air – a “green state” the Oregon State Legislature passed “The Indoor Clean Air Act: in 2009 which effectively bans smoking in workplaces, restaurants, bars and within 10 feet of any doorway to a public or work place.

However, Portland’s unique “walk-in-humidors” were granted limited exemptions by the law . In other words, individuals can smoke a cigar at these humidors, but a pipe can be smoked only outdoors away from the entrance or exits.

Portland has many walk-in-humidors specially built with humidity to preserve the cigars, selling many varieties of cigar brands both local and foreign.

portland cigars

They also provide a comfortable cafe with cushioned chairs, wide-screen television, playstation 3 and a game table for playing cards and board games. You can make your selection of cigar, order a beer and food and smoke your cigar while watching television programs or sports channels.

When you are in Portland do check out some walk-in-humidors like McNevins Trump and El Gaucho.

The cigars sold are either machine made or hand rolled.

They are available in a multitude of flavors from the classic to the modern fruit flavored varieties.

When faced with a wide variety, one is compelled to wonder which type of cigar he should purchase. If you are smoking a cigar for the first time you are advised to choose a variety according to your preferences. According to many happy smokers, the key points to consider when selecting a good cigar are its:

  • size – the size of a cigar plays a major roles in the flavor of the cigar. A 7 inch long cigar would be ideal for longer puffs, for instance, when you want to smoke while playing a round of golf. However, the shorter cigars that are 5 inch in length with a small ring size would be ideal for those seeking temporary enjoyment. The average cigar is 5.5×42 – that is the cigar is 5 inches in length and has a ring diameter of 42/60 inches.
  • the strength – each cigar has its own strength of tobacco ranging from mild, medium to full strength.
  • the brand – another important aspect, as each brand has their own unique take on the cigars. The most popular and well known brands have maintained their standards over the years. The varieties range from Cuban, American, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, Honduras and many more. Some well known brands to name a few are: Romeo y Julieta Reserve Churchill, La Gloria Cubana Series, Camacho Connecticut and Perdumo.
  • Duration of smoke – the type of cigar you purchase depends on how long you intend smoking the cigar.
  • aroma and flavor – for novices, this is the main attraction. Cigars are available in different flavors. introduced to attract the young and the fashionable, it is now available in all cigar shops. The flavors of the classic range from creamy, leathery to earthy flavors. On the other hand the modern flavors are syrups, liquor such as Cognac and Bourbon and sometimes food products like vanilla, rum and honey.
  • rating – cigar aficionado magazine has rated cigars based on a number of factors like size, brand, strength to enable the smokers to identify a good cigar according to their tastes. Accordingly, a cigar with a rating less than 70 is considered not worth the money while cigars with a rating of 95-100 are considered Classic..
80-89Very good
70-79Average to good
Less than 70Not worthy

The ultimate aim however, is to get a cigar that gives you a memorable experience for the price you pay.

Is it hard to quit smoking

A major global achievement of the post World War II world has been the explosion of ways to quit smoking. We have not won the war against tobacco entirely as yet, but rarely have so many people overturned a habit of long standing so extensively. Achievement figures vary rather widely by country, but an international movement against the addiction has gained such momentum that any turning back is now fortunately most unlikely.

quit smoking die hardOne of the reasons for the spectacular success is the number of different ways to quit smoking that have evolved. You could live in any latitude, hemisphere, or altitude-there are no excuses which you can proffer to stay with the habit. Some adults in poorer communities plead ignorance of the harmful effects of smoking, but even their children, as literacy spreads, become aware of the imperatives and ways to quit smoking.

Essentials for All Ways to Quit Smoking

Though former smokers and their relieved families love to regale others with stories of various ways to quit smoking, a person who actually embarks on this demanding task should know at the outset, that there are some things on which no compromise is possible. It is a shared drawback of some inappropriate ways to quit smoking that they do not meet one of more of the following conditions:

how quit smokingThere is no such thing as reducing addiction gradually. You have to stop completely once you have decided to bite the figurative bullet. Some people set prospective dates to start on ways to quit smoking, but they most often deceive only their own selves. There is no time better than right now to choose from any of the ways to quit smoking. Similarly, while chewing tobacco and cigars of all kinds lack tar from the paper used to wrap cigarettes, the nicotine is a common and a powerful toxin. It is not valid to switch from smoking to another form of tobacco, unless it is a therapeutic form prescribed by a doctor.

Degrees of Freedom in Ways to Quit Smoking

There is no point in making de-addiction any more unpleasant than it has to be, so the best ways to quit smoking are ones which have avenues for people to enjoy other pleasures as they fight to kick the deadly habit.

Using the money saved to buy small treats and gifts are common ways that people reward their own strenuous attempts to stop smoking.

Chewing gum or finding objects to hold between the fingers are other popular ways that help some people substitute the habits and foibles associated with their smoking days.

Opinion is divided over the roles of friends and families: some people recount that the support they received helped them stop smoking, while others have experienced that a stint in a health retreat, free of all the stressors of the old way of life, helped them turn new leaves towards futures without tobacco.

You may choose either path, or even another not listed here, just as long as you do give up right away and for ever!

Are Stop Smoking Medicine Right For You?

Though there are a number of people who smoke that will tell you that they haven’t any plans to stop any time quickly, most will say that they want they could stop and perhaps they want that they by no means started. Cigarettes are very addictive, and infrequently it solely takes a number of to get someone hooked for life. Many who start out younger spend their whole lives trying to stop. It is a irritating and onerous journey, and some discover that regardless of how prepared they’re to quit, they cannot appear to do it. That is when quit smoking medicine may be just what they should finally succeed.

StopSmokingIt’s stated that it takes the typical individual three tries to stop smoking. These are actual tries, not just passing ideas or when somebody tries to cut down. For a lot of, they try as many as ten or more instances and nonetheless can not quit. There are numerous strategies folks use and whereas some work for some folks, there isn’t a clear reduce plan that works for everyone. Some have success with gum, and others use patches as nicotine substitute to try to quit. For those who fail with these strategies, quit smoking medicine could be the answer. They will also help somebody stop the very first try.

The most popular and well-known of the give up smoking drugs could be Chantix. That is one thing that doesn’t replace the nicotine like different methods. That is taken for a while because the person continues to smoke. The person picks a stop date, usually a couple of weeks away, and then plans to give up on that day. They continue to take Chantix after the stop date. For a lot of, this has been the only thing that has helped them to kick the behavior as soon as and for all. It does not assure something, however many discover it to be effective and an important leap in the fitting direction.

medicationtoquitsmokingChantix shouldn’t be the one alternative in stop smoking medication out there. There are some which have been used a bit longer but are usually not going to work for everyone. Some can take the anti-depressant Wellbutrin to help them stop smoking. That is great for those who are depressed, and some stop smoking whereas they are taking it. This will likely have led to the invention that it might be used to assist individuals stop smoking as well. It is not going to work for everyone, however in some folks, it significantly reduces the urge to smoke and some people quit while taking it.

There may very well be other stop smoking medication which you could try. Talk to your physician about your options, how lengthy you have got smoked, what you could have already tried, and what you’re prepared to do to quit. At instances, a nicotine substitute is more applicable, and for but others, things like hypnosis can assist alone or in conjunction with one of the different ways to give up will work. Regardless of the case for you, the vital thing is that you just try, and that you simply preserve making an attempt till you’ll be able to quit.