A Cigar Spy Guide to cigars in Portland

Portland, known by another name “Cigar City”, is well known for the availability of a wide selection of cigars manufactured locally and abroad.

In a statewide initiative to maintain a clean and unpolluted air – a “green state” the Oregon State Legislature passed “The Indoor Clean Air Act: in 2009 which effectively bans smoking

Is it hard to quit smoking

A major global achievement of the post World War II world has been the explosion of ways to quit smoking. We have not won the war against tobacco entirely as yet, but rarely have so many people overturned a habit of long standing so extensively. Achievement figures vary rather widely by country, but an international

Are Stop Smoking Medicine Right For You?

Though there are a number of people who smoke that will tell you that they haven’t any plans to stop any time quickly, most will say that they want they could stop and perhaps they want that they by no means started. Cigarettes are very addictive, and infrequently it solely takes a number of to